History News Network (HNN) Publishes Op-Ed by Allison S. Finkelstein

On June 12, 2022, History News Network (HNN) published an op-ed written by Allison S. Finkelstein in their “News at Home” section, which focuses on the United States. HNN is a popular online publication that puts current events into perspective by featuring the work of historians.

Titled, “Our Best Memorial to the Dead Would be Our Service to the Living,” this opinion piece argues that Americans today can learn important lessons about memorialization by looking to the example of the forgotten female veterans of the First World War.

Read the article here.

Women’s Overseas Service League (WOSL) Seattle Unit members, November 11, 1968. From left to right: Mrs. Edna Lord (American Red Cross), Mrs. I.M. (Anna) Palmaw (Army Nurse Corps), Miss Rose Glass (YMCA), and Miss Blanche Wenner (YMCA). Women’s Overseas Service League Collection, National WWI Museum and Memorial Archives, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.